Everything You Need to Know About Salik in Dubai

After you rent a Ferrari in Dubai, it would be a total letdown to cruise through the highways and pause at every toll booth. That’s where the Salik system has been able to benefit both drivers of luxury cars, as well as everyday motorists. Salik is Dubai’s automatic toll collection mechanism, established in 2007. It allows you to drive the vast stretches of roads without any interruptions. Gone are the days of having to periodically pause at toll booths during your trip. A Salik tag is all you need to hit the road and enjoy the ride.

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How does Salik work?

Salik has been designed to allow motorists to have a prepaid Salik account that can be topped up. It comes in the form of a sticker that you can place on top of your wind shield. The Salik tag works by connecting to radio frequencies that are emitted from a central control device. A control sensor on the gate then links to your sticker as you pass through the toll. As you drive through a toll gate, you automatically pay the standard fare of 4 AED. Salik tags are available online and in petrol pumps across the city. Motorists need to ensure that their account is topped up before they travel.

Is there a speed limit?

One of the best features of Salik is that motorists can continue to drive at the normal speed limit without having to change speeds. Because this is an automated system, there’s no need to slow down when you are near a Salik gate.

You also do not have to pause at any point near the gate. Salik is designed to create a fast-flowing system which enables motorists to get to their destinations faster. There’s no need to be stuck, waiting to pay at toll checkpoints.

Where are the Salik gates situated?

At present there are a total of seven toll gates situated major the roadways of Dubai. The Salik gates are located at Al Mamzar, Al Garhoud, Al Barsha, Al Safa, and Jebel Ali.


There are two major penalties incurred by drivers under Salik usage. The first pertains to driving with a Salik tag that has insufficient funds. A fine of 50AED must be paid if you fail to load funds to your tag in the proceeding five days. The second violation will occur if while passing through a Salik gate without a tag. This incurs a fine of 100 AED. This fee can increase depending on the number of times you continue to drive without a registered tag.


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