Full-size or Premium Car Rental?

When choosing a car for rent in Dubai, there are a lot of options. Your choice has a significant impact on the experience of your holiday, business trip, or weekend getaway. Therefore, it is essential to think through thoroughly when deciding. The issue of full Vs premium rental cars is common because most people deem it hard to choose between the two.

Different companies also provide different cars under varying categories. The standardization is not universal, but, in most cases, it is dependent on the size of the trunk and seats. The cost of full-size and premium rental cars also differs. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best vehicle for your activity.


Your budget allocation for the rental car will determine your choice between full size and premium cars. Premium cars, as the name suggests, come at an extra cost. Therefore, if you are planning to use the vehicle for a long-distance, it is advisable to choose full-size cars. But the downside of this option is their gas consumption because, in most cases, they consume more. However, their insurance rates are usually lower than premium cars, which are mostly the latest luxurious vehicles. In case you are on a budget, you can rent a cheap car with Speedy Drive.

The Purpose of the Rental Vehicle

You will not opt for the same car when on a business trip as to when you are on a family holiday. Groups of people like friends and families are better off with full-size rental vehicles because they are spacious enough. They also offer the necessary air conditioning for a large group. However, you may consider premium vehicles when attending a high-profile business meeting. In such a case, you only need space for your small suitcase or other necessities.

Safety of the Passenger(s)

The activities of a premium and full-size cars differ. In most cases, you will rent a full-size car for long road trips for several days or even weeks. Therefore, the safety checks of full-size cars are usually many considering they also carry more occupants than premiums cars. But that does not mean that the safety checks of premium vehicles are loose. In a company that values its clients will undertake safety checks before renting out their car.


Premium cars come with more amenities, but that does not mean you should use a full-size vehicle with compromised luxury. Full-size cars should have enough legroom. Apart from that, they should have good air conditioning because they carry more passengers. On the other hand, premium cars have more comfort features like comfortable seats, adjustable chairs, and temperature regulation. However, some full-size vehicles also have some of these features.


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