Pro’s & Con’s – Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

If you’re looking to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, then you should seriously consider the sleek and stylish Ferrari 488 Pista Spider. It is a real game changer as it weighs lesser than the hardtop version of the same model. This is a feat that is practically unheard of when comparing other convertibles to their hardtop counterparts. The Pista Spider has been developed using the very latest in light-weight materials and technology. This means the Spider drives almost identically to its cousin. The retractable hardtop roof provides optimal protection for occupants inside the vehicle. Your passengers will be kept warm and protected from all the elements. And on a sunny Dubai day, the roof can instantly be retracted in only 14 seconds.


The light-weight design of the Pista Spider makes it one of a kind. It has a light and sleek frame that enhances the way it can navigates corners at high speeds. This makes the Spider incredibly easy and oh-so-fun to handle. For drivers that are searching for the ultimate thrill in a car that oozes style, the Spider is for them. It’s also Ferrari’s fastest and most powerful ‘power-to-weight’ convertible. The Spider boasts an impressive twin-turbo V8 engine that can propel this beast from 0-60mph in under three seconds. The torque of the engine is also incredible. It produces a noise that is truly something to behold!

The Pista Spider’s top speed well exceeds 200mph. So, if you can find an open stretch of highway, then you’ll have some fun putting your foot down! The tech features on the Spider are also easy to utilize for the average driver. And when you retract the roof – in only 14 seconds – you will be able to cruise the highway with the sun on your face.

The inside of the Spider is identical to the Pista, which means that none of the hardtop’s famed interior style has been neglected. Once you open the door of this mighty machine, you’re met with a gorgeous and altogether luxurious interior. And when you’re cruising along the open road, there are no noisy distractions inside the vehicle. You simply get to hear the power of the engine in all its glory. For a convertible, there is also a surprising amount of luggage space inside the car. Enough for a weekend away with that special someone!


The main benefits of the Ferrari Pista – the speed, handling, and timeless style and power – have all been mostly replicated with the Spider. Whilst there is a decent amount of storage space for a convertible, the Spider probably isn’t your ideal car if you’re looking to pack enough gear for a week away. And given that the Spider must store its retractable roof at the rear of the vehicle, this means that it physically covers the V8 engine. Of course, if you were driving the regular Pista, you would always have the pleasure of showing off your engine. The only other con would be the Pista Spider’s price. With most new models starting above 300,000 Pounds, it could be argued that Ferrari is just being greedy. But if you have anywhere near that sort of cash to splurge, then you probably won’t mind paying a little extra.


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