The Complete List of Traffic Fines in Dubai – 2019

For those not familiar with the roads of Dubai, driving can be intimidating, to say the least. The roads can be incredibly busy at times, with drivers in a frantic rush to get to their destinations. For residents of Dubai, as well as travelers, it’s vital to be aware of the rules and regulations that govern the roads of the city. Otherwise, the result can be a hefty fine. There are a host of traffic fines that are applicable to motorists caught behaving badly. These fines can be given for incidents such as speeding, driving dangerously, and failing to display the appropriate registration plates. So, before you choose to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, make sure you’re aware of traffic rules. Otherwise, be prepared to have a fine on top of the price of your rental.

Traffic police officer in discussion with man in car

Speeding Fines

This is generally the most common type of traffic fine that is administered. Drivers need to be extremely careful not to exceed the designated speed limits. There are also fines applicable for drivers who are driving a speed that is way lower than the speed limit range. For drivers that are caught speeding over a certain limit, there are additional penalties. These may include the retention of the vehicle and the driver’s license being blocked. Fines range from 300 AED for exceeding the speed limit by 20kmh, right up to 3000 AED for exceeding the speed limit by 80kmh.

Registration Plate Fines

Motorists caught driving a vehicle without plates can expect a significant fine. In addition, their vehicles can be seized by authorities for up 90 days. The fine warranted for driving an unregistered vehicle is 3000 AED. Drivers that are caught displaying only one plate can expect a fine of 400 AED. This also applies to drivers that have one or both plates impeded or displayed in a manner that is deemed unclear. Drivers that are found to have violated the rules of using the commercial plate numbers can be fined 500 AED.

Endangering other drivers

There is a range of additional fines and infringements that are given to drivers that are found to have jeopardized the safety of other road users. Depending on the severity of the infringement, drivers can have their vehicles retained and have their driver’s license blocked. These offences can include actions that are deemed as dangerous driving; including offences such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a motorist is caught driving in a way that interferes with the safety of another motorist, they can be fined 2000 AED. In addition, these drivers can have their vehicles retained and black traffic points placed against them. Motorists that are caught driving under the influence of drugs will have their case overseen in court. They can also expect to have their vehicles retained for up to 60 days. For the more serious offences, like causing serious injury or death of another road user, these matters are nearly always heard in court. Drivers can also expect significant black traffic points marked against them, as well as their vehicle to be retained.

Activity inside the vehicle

Drivers can also be fined for offences like using a mobile phone while driving and driving without having a seatbelt on. The fines range from 800 AED for using a mobile phone, to 400 AED for not have a fastened seatbelt whilst driving.


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